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Dumpster Refurbish

Here are before and after pictures of a 48yd dumpster that was in terrible shape. Yes, it is indeed the same dumpster, totally refurbished!

Auxiliary Oil Tanks

Aluminum Auxiliary Oil Tanks for a customers service truck

DEF Tanks

Stainless Steel DEF tanks for a customer, all cleaned and polished up to inhibit corrosion

Custom Flatbed

This morning we watched our first Custom Flatbed going out the drive!

Fan Shroud

These guys needed an obsolete Fan Shroud for a vehicle they are restoring, so we cut one on our CNC Plasma Table, formed it with our CNC Press Brake and TIG Welded the corners. We turned it around in about 14 hours!

Stainless Steel TIG Welding

This guy loves TIG Welding Stainless Steel, and it shows in the quality and consistency of his work. He welded 240 of these and the last one looked just as good as the first one!

Material Landing Chute

A large Machine Shop needed a landing chute built to attach to the side of a machining center to catch the parts and drain the cutting fluid back into the machine. We had parts laser cut out of aluminum and MIG welded them together, creating a very sturdy and safe parts landing spot.

Custom Oil Drain Pan

This guy needed something to put on top of a large tank where he could just throw his old filters and pails of oil on to let them drain. We built him a custom oil drain pan out of aluminum and TIG welded the corners. We built in an expanded metal platform for the oil to drain through, filtering out old rags, wrenches, or whatever else might be in his oil.

Cylinder Storage Rack

These Cylinders were being stored, free standing, until we built a Cylinder Storage Rack to put them in.

Custom Fenders

Factory Trailer Fenders too “chintzy”? For this customer we cut a set of heavy duty, custom fenders on our CNC Plasma Table and TIG welded them together.

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