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Dumpster Repair

You paid good money for your dumpster. But time, the elements, and perhaps mishandling have left you with a hard to use, malfunctioning, and downright ugly unit. Here at Highball Fabricators, we can get your dumpster back into shape. Whether you have damage from sprung sides, bowed top rails, punctures, rust, broken rollers, a malfunctioning latch system, or other damaged parts, we can not only fix it, but it is very likely that we can upgrade it for you. And if all you need is repainting and a new logo application, we can do that as well.

Why should you trust your dumpster to Highball Fabricators?

We have 20 years in the metal fabrication business and have fabricated all kinds of different steel products
We will work closely with you to understand your needs and ensure that you understand the processes used to fix them
Our consistent quality from beginning to end, large jobs or small

Here at Highball Fabricators, we pride ourselves on our high quality dumpster repair work. We know how important image can be for a business, and a worn out, barely functioning dumpster reflects badly on your company and can result in lost customers. If you have dumpsters that need repairs or upgrading, contact us for an estimate. We will give you high quality work, courteous service, and a reason to come back!

Roll-off Dumpsters

If you are looking for new durable, high quality yet economical roll-off dumpsters, you should contact us immediately! We manufacture tub and can style roll-off dumpsters that are simply top of the line. Let’s look at some of the features…

15,20,30,40 yard sizes, hook lift or cable hook, manufactured by Craftsmen, not just Welders
3" x 4.1" channel floor members, on 14" centers
11 ga. 3" x 5" formed side posts on 24" centers
7 ga. 4" x 6" top rails
3" x 5" channel structure on rear door
Heavy Duty models have 1/4" floors, and 7 ga. or 10 ga. side walls
Light Duty models come with 3/16" floors and 11 ga. side walls

In addition, all dumpsters come with a standard inset cable hook, and a custom designed, extra heavy latching system, giving your sidewalls the support needed to keep them standing straight. Lift hooks are an option, added at your request, to your specified height.

We will match custom paint colors for orders over 5 units, or for repeat customers, and can also apply your logo or signage. Contact us today to get a quote for your next dumpster.


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